MARCH 2021

SESA Man of the Match: Congratulations to Oliver Davies, awarded the first SESA Man of the Match for the game against York City Knights on 19th March.  

Sponsor Draw: Congratulations to Theresa Edwards who was selected in the SESA membership draw to be the personal sponsor of Paddy Burns for 2021.  

Player Sponsor: SESA are delighted to announce that they will be the corporate sponsor of James Glover for the 2021 season. We believe this is great way of using the money raised through membership fees and we look forward to James’ return to the field for this season. 

Squadbuilder: Sheffield Eagles Supporters Association (SESA) have great pleasure to announce that due to the generosity of the fans of Sheffield Eagles, SESA can hand over the first £1,000 donation from the Squadbuilder programme. SESA would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this amazing effort during these uncertain times. With work underway on the new stadium, a young talented squad, and light at the end of the Covid tunnel, these are exciting times for the club, and every penny of your contributions go towards strengthening the playing squad. 

If you would like to sign up for a monthly donation of just £5 and help contribute to the future success of the club, details can be found on the Squadbuilder 2021 section of the website. Read  more on the club’s website: CLICK HERE

Man of the Match: Prior to the first game of the season, SESA have launched their online man of the match vote. Voting will open during the second half of every game, home and away. You’ll have one vote for who you think is your man of the match. The poll will close about an hour after each game and we’ll then announce the results. Every month we’ll total up the votes to award player of the month and at the end of the season the combine votes will show who SESA’s player of the year is. You can vote during the second half of the game on the Man of the Match page


It’s now a year since we started SESA so we’re trying to encourage those that signed up for a year to re-sign and to encourage new members to sign up.

Membership during 2020 has been appreciated, particularly during these difficult times. We have been limited in what we can do as SESA in terms of events and activities but we’re hopeful that at some point during 2021 we’ll be able to do more. Our aim though is to provide a voice for the fans, working with the club.
The membership fees already contributed by SESA members means we are now in a position, as a result of discussions with the club, to be able to sponsor two players for 2021. One will be sponsored under the name of SESA, the other under the name of a member of SESA. We are offering this personal sponsorship in a prize draw as a thank you to those who have renewed membership and to encourage others to sign up for 2021.
Therefore anyone who has an active SESA membership for 2021 on 19th March will be entered into the draw. The supporter drawn out will then become the sponsor of an Eagles player for 2021. We will announce the names of the players at the same time as we announce the winner of the draw. So if you’d like to continue your membership or sign up for the first time and be entered into the draw then please do so by 1pm on the 19th March. 
We’re also looking for more people to join us a committee members of SESA, if you’re interested or have any ideas about what SESA can do during 2021 then please get in touch


SQUADBUILDER 2021 LAUNCHED: Would you like to contribute to the future success of the club on the field? Are you able to make a small financial contribution every month that will directly help strengthen the squad? If so why not join Sheffield Eagles Squadbuilder? See the Squadbuilder 2021 page for more details.

SESA COMMITTEE: Would you be interested in joining the SESA Committee. At the moment there are just three of us so it would be great to have more people to help, share responsibilities, provide ideas and make progress with SESA. You may want to organise events, raise funds or just generally help out whether with ideas or practically. If you want to know more or would like to join the committee then email us on 

SESA – A VOICE FOR THE FANS: One of the reasons for setting up SESA was to provide a voice for the fans to be able to raise issues or concerns with the club and to work together with them. If you want us to raise questions about the stadium or anything else email us on and we’ll do our best to get answers. 

OUR LEAGUE: You might have seen that the Our League now has 150,000 members. If you’re not already a member you can download the app on Google Play or the App Store. You can also sign up online here

WHAT CAN SESA DO?: When SESA was set up we had various ideas for social events, question & answer sessions, quizzes and fundraisers. Our first meet the players event in March had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. As things are at the moment we remain limited in what we can organise. Have you any thought or ideas? What would you like to see SESA do? Please email us on