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Apologies that we’ve not updated for some time. As you can imagine in these strange times there have been many issues that everyone is trying to deal with. As you’ll no doubt be aware the club has furloughed all the staff so it isn’t able to carry out any of its normal business. Therefore everything that you see that is being put out on social media is through the volunteer media team. We think you’ll agree they’re doing a great job in keeping fans connected with the club and with each other.

The SESA committee are looking at options for the next few months in terms of activities we can help organise and to consider options for fundraising,  if and when the club should need it.

We’re looking into the potential for online question and answer sessions with players. Possibly with a small fee to help raise funds or free of charge. We’re also looking at the idea of planning a crowdfunding campaign to provide funds for the club. As far as we’re aware there are no immediate financial problems for the club but if you remember SESA were looking to launch a Squadbuilder to provide funds for the club. In the current situation Squadbuilder isn’t likely to work as well in terms of the rewards we had planned to offer for everyone contributing. Therefore in the short term we’re looking at a crowdfunding campaign allowing people to contribute as much or as little as they can afford. We’re then suggesting that everyone who contributes will be entered into a draw to win prizes that we’ll look to discuss with the club when they re-open.

So at this stage some feedback from yourselves:

  • Would you contribute to a crowdfunding campaign?
  • Have you got any other ideas to support the club financially?
  • If we could organise some online Q & A events would you be interested in them?
  • Have you got any other ideas for online events or other activities that we could look at in the current circumstances?

If you’ve got any thoughts and ideas please contact us via the contact form on this site.

 If you know anyone that isn’t already a member of SESA please encourage them to join.