What is squadbuilder

A key aim of SESA is to support the club financially, directly contributing to the costs of the squad and supporting the signing of new players. 

Would you like to contribute to the future success of the club on the field? Are you able to make a small financial contribution every month that will directly help strengthen the squad? If so why not join Sheffield Eagles Squadbuilder?

This is something SESA have planned to do for some time. We’ve looked at various approaches and we’ve decided to start with a straightforward version. We may look at further tiers in the future but we feel it’s important to start something now so we can support the club. 

As a starting point we are looking at asking people to contribute £5 a month, you can of course contribute more if you wish. SESA will collect this money and on a quarterly basis pass this money on to the club. 

You may think your £5 doesn’t go far but if we have 50 supporters contributing this per month then that’s £3,000 a year. If 100 contribute that’s £6,000 and if 400 join then that’s £24,000!

Since SESA started in 2020 we have contributed £4,000 to the club through a combination of funding generated through Squadbuilder and from sponsoring players using money from SESA membership fees.



how to pay

You can sign up by clicking the button below, using gocardless, the secure payment system we use for online payments. You can of course cancel this at any time. If you’d prefer to pay your contribution in one annual lump sum then use the second option.